BAP Experiences

A Bishops’ Advisory Panel (BAP) comes towards the end of the formal process of discerning a call to ordination, if you want to know about the previous stages have a look at my Timeline which contains some details them, including related posts.

A lot of people have been to a Bishops’ Advisory Panel, with many blogging about their experiences (Jules Middleton has taken this to another level with her excellent blog “A Short Guide to Surviving ‘The Discernment Process’ in the Church of England“) and their experiences can be helpful.

Some of the blog posts have a practical focus and tips (such as what to take, what goes on and how to get there) whilst others tell what it felt like to attend one.  In my blog post on the subject Strange Days (aka Going to a BAP) I have tried to combine the two.  In my post Going to a BAP, again! I have looked more at the emotional and spiritual experience surrounding attending a second BAP.  Those who go to more than one are in good company, the Archbishop of Canterbury was told by his Bishop after his first equivalent of a BAP “I have interviewed more than a 1,000 people for ordination and I can tell you don’t come in the top 1,000” (he talks about his experience 20 minutes and 57 seconds into this interview with Nicky Gumbel).

Whilst most focus on the BAP there are some posts that do look at what it is like to not be recommended for ordination training following going to a BAP.  These are included in the second list.

Finally, the Church of England and the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS) have produced material on what happens at a Bishops’ Advisory Panel, they are well worth reading.

If you come across other relevant information or blog posts please let me know and I will include them.

Blog Posts on what it is like to go to a Bishops’ Advisory Panel

  1. March 2017 – The Pilgrim Explorer: Going to a BAP, again!
  2. May 2014 – The Pilgrim Explorer: Strange Days (aka Going to a BAP)

Other people’s posts and articles:

  1. March 2014 – Sara Batts on Going to a BAP
  2. February 2014 – Steven Harvey / And Can It Be: BAPtism – Attending a Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  3. June 2013 – Fiona Jenkinson: Post BAP Blues
  4. April 2013 – Rebecca / Driven by God’s Love: Going to a Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  5. April 2013 – Vicky Lou / Here I am Lord: Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  6. January 2013 – Dan Beesley / I Am Church:  Reflections on my BAP
  7. May 2012 – Picking Apples of Gold: BAP – The aftermath
  8. May 2012 – Bryony Taylor:  What’s it like to go to a Bishops’ Advisory Panel?
  9. May 2012 – David Cloake on Picking Apples of Gold
  10. May 2012 – Emma Goldby: BAP – the return Or what I found helpful to know
  11. May 2012 – Nicola Hulks on Picking Apples of Gold
  12. April 2012 –Rachel Hartland / Because God Calls: To BAP, BAPing, I BAPed – encountering the verb of selection for ordination!
  13. January 2012 – Dom / Nearly the Vicar: Going to a Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  14. January 2012 – Liz Clutterbuck: So you’re going to a BAP…
  15. May 2011 – Hannah’s Theological Blog: The Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  16. March 2011 – Hugh Bourne: Surviving a BAP
  17. December 2008 – Andrew Whitehead / Lanky Anglican: Reflections on BAP
  18. August 2008 – Another Anglican Blog: BAP – The Experience

Blog posts on not being recommended for ordination training following a Bishops’ Advisory Panel

  1. July 2017 – Call on Hold, an article by Rebecca Paveley in The Church Times on what happens if the Church says no, containing 5 different people’s experiences of not being recommended/training for ordination (I am ‘Mike’ in the article – I gave the interview before deciding that I needed to cease blogging anonymously, see Leaving the Shadows)
  2. June 2014 – The Land of ConfusionPlease Sir, can I have some more? and Unpastoralised

Other people’s posts and articles:

  1. July 2017 – A Vocation, but not that one, an article by in the Church Times, by Catherine Nancekievill was turned down for ordination training, and who now leads on discipleship and vocation for the C of E’s Ministry Division.
  2. April 2014 – Ben / Of Blood and Bone: Experiencing a Bishops’ Advisory Panel Rejection
  3. April 2013 – Vic the Vicar! Writing about Selection, Rejection and Proper Responses
  4. June 2012 – @minidvr on the Big Bible website: What happens when you are not recommended for training for ordained Ministry
  5. Colin Hart on being not recommended for training (CPAS Resource Sheet)

Also worth reading:

  1. Jules Middleton’s comprehensive “A Short Guide to Surviving ‘The Discernment Process’ in the Church of England”.
  2. Dawn Carrington on receiving the news of a BAP and the impact of the changes that happened afterwards
  3. “What do bishops’ advisers look for?” written by Martyn Jarrett and Gordon Kuhrt (Church Pastoral Aid Society)The CPAS website also has a number of other relevant and helpful resource sheets.
  4. The Church of England’s Call Waiting website page on The Bishops’ Advisory Panel
  5. The Church of England’s “Going to a BAP” booklet that is sent to all BAP Candidates
  6. The Church Times (2017): A bumpy ride to training by Ted Harrison (covering the whole discernment process)

Your thoughts, comments and feedback are most welcomed.

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