A Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrims Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress: my transformation by God through exploring ordination is becoming evident.

This week it came to me that my exploration of ordination has moved onto another stage.

Things are coming into focus, and not just for me.

The signs had been there when I met with the DDO a few weeks ago, but it was only during this past week that I picked up on the signals.  Continue reading

The Fear Factor

I met with the DDO for the third time last week.  Previously I had time to collect my thoughts as I drove and waited for the meeting to start, this time it was very different!

I was in the midst of a frantic and pressurised week at work.  It followed me as I left to start travelling to see the DDO.  My colleagues were on soon the phone to me asking for help in sorting out some problems.  Arriving home to pick up the car there were failed parcel deliveries to sort out, a phone call to my son to celebrate his success at school, and a quick change before heading into the autumnal wind and rain, albeit cosseted in a dry and cosy car.  Busy, busy, busy.  It was hardly the ingredients for a peaceful preparation for the meeting. Continue reading