Idle Thoughts

Although this blog is mainly about my journey of discerning God’s will for my life, occasionally I have others thoughts and this page contains such blog posts.

  1. The art of seeing salvation – how art has the power to help us find our way to God, salvation and much more, even if it wasn’t the artist’s intention (27/09/19).
  2. Breaking the chain and cynicism of Father’s Day – learning what’s Father’s Day is all about and why it’s worth celebrating (12.06/19).
  3. Silently Speaking – Filling the silence risks not hearing the very thing that needs to be heard. Increasingly I’ve realised that isn’t me (28/03/19).
  4. An Ordinary Office on Iona – Morning and Evening Prayer on the Island of Iona (07/09/18).
  5. The Gap Between – thoughts on how we make it difficult for each other to understand different points of view (18/06/17).
  6. A Rescue Plan for Humanity – Making the connections to see the rescue in The Resurrection (30/04/17).
  7. At the foot of the Cross – A meditation on Jesus on the Cross (14/04/17).
  8. Silent Thoughts – Thoughts on Apostasy following Martin Scorsese’s film Silence (03/01/17).
  9. Hope Echoes – finding hope in Joseph and the darkness of the day (18/12/16).
  10. Today, I remember – thoughts on Remembrance Day (13/11/16).
  11. The Joy of the Lord is our strength: choosing joy to rise above our troubles (15/08/16).
  12. The Modelling God – thoughts on how we live out the characteristics God calls for (09/05/16).
  13. The Good Shepherd and His Sheepdog – thoughts on Jesus as the Good Shepherd as us as His Sheepdog (17/07/16).
  14. Counting to 10 in Prayer – thoughts after the terrorist attack in Brussels on 22nd March 2016 (17/04/16).
  15. Inside Out: the mission hidden within us – thoughts on the person within ourselves (20/03/16).
  16. A Prayer for the Uncertain by Thomas Merton (23/01/16).
  17. Producing the fruit of the Kingdom – thoughts on how we can be fruitful in our lives (22/11/15).
  18. Gladiatorial Acceptability – thoughts about free speech and understanding each other (01/06/15).
  19. The Prayer of Jabez Extending God’s Kingdom(15/02/15).
  20. The Big D – a post on depression (26/01/15).
  21. Grace, the gift that keeps on giving – Grace found between Jesus’s resurrection and ascension (16/11/14).
  22. We Are Family – Should we view others as strangers, as friends or as relatives?(03/11/14).
  23. Unconditional Investment – mentoring and passing on our gifts (30/03/14).